It’s fine now if I’m what you’re talking about. I promise. Just was in the woods there for a bit.

Are you sure, bby? I’m always here if you need a pair of ears.

I’m Sure. :) but thank you. It means a lot.


A message from Anonymous
speaking of which, you really should rest... as in go to sleep. like you said, fighting takes a lot out of you... but seeing as how you've seemed to calmed down and seeing as how you promised that you don't care who i am, you wont mind me just disappearing... i'm sorry it's just in my cowardly nature. if i see you start falling apart i'll come back and rudely tell you "get back up" because "you're not alone" ... until then, bye

Rude. I care who you are because anonymity leads to curiosity. And it almost sounds like you’re encouraging me to fall apart again. I’m fairly certain you’re a dude though. Solid references. Blah blah blah okay bye I guess.

Your turn

A message from Anonymous
EXACTLY, "you'll be missed". there are people who truly care about you. you're beginning to see it. yes, you have a terrible father. yes, people are dicks (like me for example), but you shouldn't be a wimp and just give it all up because of them. you keep fighting like you do... and i told you, reveling myself would bring me unwanted attention. it's not about me, it's about you and your need to get back up. im just a faceless cunt.

No I promise I don’t care who you are. Fighting takes a lot out of me and sometimes I just want to rest so I find comfort in starkid. I get depressed when I feel like its getting taken away from me- which is why I was so upset tonight because it was something that I thought was over. Who the fuck are you?

Oh are you gone?

Okay bye asshole I’m going to sleep.

A message from Anonymous
"i want to thank you personally for the last slit in my wrist?" haven't heard that one before... oh wait, yes i have. a girl much like yourself told me that once. she had an awful step dad, barely any friends, and was confronted by me. guess what? she pulled through. sure she told me to go kill myself, but i nagged and nagged her until she put down the razor and finally stood up for herself. you shouldn't kill yourself because your life sucks now, otherwise you'll miss out on the few good things

actually, when you’re dead, you don’t miss things, you are missed. Maybe you shouldn’t be on anon.. that way they can thank you personally whoever you are. I had put down the razor when you decided to drop by. I called the suicide hotline at the urging of my friend Katie and though it was awkward as fuck I was coming down. then your rude ass message shows up. I do stand up for myself, I just get sick of the fact that I have to. Constantly. Endlessly.

Come on. come talk to me.

A message from carlyoulilshit
promise me you will go through today?

I promise. Thank you again. Seriously.